My story: from rebranding rollercoaster to brand true love

Ok let’s get this out of the way, shall we?

“Nicole, did you say you’ve rebranded more than 12 times?!”

Yep. To be fair, that’s during over 20 years in business across different businesses. But as you know, rebranding is rebranding, no matter what business or industry you’re in.

And I don’t have to tell you that rebranding is a LOT of work.

Looking back, I remember that each time I rebranded I thought, “this is it, I love it!”. 

Buuuut it was never quite right. Kind of like a pair of jeans that just don’t fit right (you know, those ones that you keep wearing, hoping they’ll get comfy eventually).

I was sick of all that work not working out. That, and confusing my ideal clients by changing my branding again.

My brand mood board after I discovered my brand archetype: Explorer

So what changed? 

I discovered my Brand Archetype Identity (cue: angelic music). It was the ultimate rebranding lightbulb moment.

The result of knowing my Brand Archetype Identity was knowing, deeply, that my brand identity was ME. The colors, fonts, photography and stock images, social media creative, copy, and most importantly, feelings.

Because it’s those feelings that your ideal clients connect with.

If you’ve ever had that moment as a client where you think, “gee I really vibe with this person and want to work with them”, that’s the magic your Brand Archetype Identity creates for you.

Plus did I mention the confidence you have in yourself, your brand and your superpowers? 

I’d love to help you with a roadmap to branding that feels like the best darn pair of jeans you’ve ever bought: so comfortable, don’t pinch your muffin top, and make your butt look so darn good that you radiate confidence (and attract only the very best people to your business).  

Let’s do this!

“She brought out the authentic essence of my brand, aligning it with my core identity and values.”

Working with Nicole on my brand archetype was a transformative experience.

This authentic alignment has sharpened my brand’s voice and enhanced its appeal to my target audience, creating a more profound connection.

Nicole’s commitment to her clients’ success is unmatched. My brand now tells a compelling story that is distinctly mine, thanks to her exceptional skill and dedication. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to infuse authenticity into their branding.

Anna Barwick – Personal Development Coach

Sealed section: My biggest rebranding fails

Everybody loves a sealed section, right? (juicy!) Plus I hope you learn from some of my biggest rebranding fails. Here you go:

Choosing a color scheme based on what’s on-trend right now (because trends fade)

Looking at my competitors and modeling my branding off theirs

Confusing potential clients by forgetting to rebrand everywhere so my social media curtains didn’t match my website drapes

Asking everyone for their opinions

Forgetting to weave my unique story into the brand, making it as engaging as a stale biscuit (your story is your spice – don’t leave it out!)

Ready to stop rebranding and start loving your brand (to attract more of those clients you love)?

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